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Mother Bear’s Cub Care offers so many services when it comes to childcare. Scroll to read more about our preschool curriculum, education, activities, food, and more!


our preschool curriculum

MBCC uses High Scope curriculum. This curriculum is filled with educational activities that encourage participation from every child. In a small group setting, your child is better able to get the individualized attention that they need. It’s vital to demonstrate to children that learning is an enjoyable process at a young age. This is why we provide activities that are interesting for all ages and personality types at our preschool. Whether your child is on the shy side, the center of attention, or somewhere in between, they will be given the space needed to progress. Our interactive activities make learning fun, no matter the subject. From dance parties to outdoor finger painting, our activities are inclusive to all.


MBCC staff observes, records, and documents children’s development, participation and learning throughout the year using Child Observation Record (COR) Advantage. COR Advantage is an observation-based assessment tool used to measure students’ developmental progress. COR identifies observable child behavior, reflecting knowledge and skills in areas such as language and literacy, math, creative arts and physical development. 



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Educational Activities

Here at Mother Bear’s CUB CARE, we know healthy food is vital to the positive development of children. It’s a well-known fact that kids are better able to focus when they are properly nourished with quality food. You can feel good knowing that we only provide organic food and snacks to the children at our day care. It’s always a success when you can demonstrate to children that food doesn’t have to be fried or filled with sugar to be delicious and filling! We pay special attention to the food that we feed to the children and never provide processed, GMO or sugar filled snack foods. Well balanced meals with fresh fruits and vegetables gives your child the fuel they need to learn and play all day. 

Our guest activities make our preschool stand out from the rest of the options out there. We keep our curriculum fresh and exciting for all ages! It’s hard for a child to be bored when they’re attending our day care. This is because we regularly welcome musical guests who conduct fun sing-a-longs with the kids. We also enjoy visits to our preschool from local professionals such as mechanical engineers who teach the children about important STEM subjects like physics. Another popular event is when the therapy animals come visit our day care. Exposing kids to these different subjects allows them to start becoming curious about real life professions. At our day care, we expose them to situations that allow them to develop interests that will serve them well into the future. It’s true that it is never too early to start learning and preparing for the future!


Summer months can introduce challenges for your family’s schedule with the absence of school on a day to day basis, or perhaps a different work schedule. Our summer camp presents a fantastic solution to any of these challenges! Our day care summer camp provides structure and fun at the same time with educational activities and fun programs. It gives your child the opportunity to make new friends and get some much-needed exercise in the summer time instead of allowing an electronic device to babysit them. It can also help ease the shock of transitioning back into the classroom setting in the fall! The services that we offer will have a positive impact on your child and their development.

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