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The small group setting at our facility ensures that every child gets the attention they need to succeed at our daycare. We have the ability to accommodate your unique schedule, whether you’re flex, part time, or full time. At our daycare, we know how important it is to treat children with kindness and patience in order for them to flourish. We recognize that every child has a unique set of learning and personality styles. Our team approaches all situations with positive attitudes. This specialized attention gives children the security and encouragement to learn and grow at their own pace.

You will be glad to know that safety and cleanliness are among the top priorities at our day care center. We are fully licensed and aim to exceed all expectations and standards. The health and safety of your child is never a question at our day care center, and we always have an open line of communication with parents. Any time you need to discuss your child’s progress, needs, or any other concern, we are happy to set aside the time to do so. We encourage parents to be involved with their child’s care, so if there is any aspect of our service you are curious about, let us know. For more information about our safety system please visit LockOutUSA‘s website.

The quality of our childcare is further demonstrated through the variety of our high-quality programs and education. High Scope curriculum is used and includes education science, phonics and music. We love to learn indoors and outdoors! There are fun events like interactive treasure hunts, small group and large group activities, and crafts. Additionally, when weather allows, we plan special games and events for outdoor learning as well. We enjoy celebrating holidays of the season with dedicated time for dance parties, themed costumes, and cookie decorating.

our staff

The staff at Mother Bear’s Cub Care are truly caring individuals with experience and passion in the childcare field. Hover over their photos to read more about them! Each member honors our tag line which is “caring for your children as if they were our own”.

Jessica Neimi | Owner
Upon graduating from college, Jessica worked in sales but soon realized her passion was caring for people. After much reflection, she made a career change to work in the field of traumatic brain injury. For over four years Jessica assisted brain-injured adults with completing activities of daily living, household organization and re-entry into the community.
Belle | Toddler
Isabelle Razo is 20 years old and is a co-lead teacher for the Toddlers and Preschoolers. She has been working for Mother Bears Cub Care since summer 2016 and has had years of experience in childcare. From in-home daycares to nannying since the age of 13, she has loved working with small children. Isabelle is a kind and gentle spirit; and has a passion for nurturing and helping children to learn, grow, and progress on a daily basis. She is continuing to further her knowledge and training in infant and childcare by completing her CDA online.
Nancy | Preschool
Nancy is the Lead Preschool Teacher at Mother Bear. She is also the mother of six children from ages 14 to 28. Her passion and heart for teaching inspired her to homeschool her own children for over 20 years. She was the lead preschool teacher for many years at the church she and her family attended. Nancy provided childcare in her home for family and close friends for several years. She began working for home daycare providers in 2013. She was hired at MBCC in April of 2016. Nancy's job as lead teacher includes, organizing, preparing, and teaching preschool curriculum, and character training, maintaining schedule, order of the classroom, and cleanliness of the daycare.
Karen | Preschool
Karen Staples is an assistant teacher at Mother Bear’s Cub Care and has been with us for over a year now. She has prior experience working with kids as a children’s swim instructor and is currently continuing her education by completing her Bachelor's Degree in early childhood education. Karen says she enjoys every aspect of teaching and finds how much children can teach us - the adults - is quite impactful. Her long-term goal is to teach at the elementary level.
Myra | Program Director
Ms. Myra, originally from Alabama, has always been focused on quality early education. She obtained a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Child Development from The University of Alabama. During her career Myra has been afforded opportunities to work with Early Head Start, Head Start, U of M Programs for Educational Opportunity and training from the High Scope foundation in Ypsilanti. Myra’s passion for quality care has led her to Mother Bear’s Cub Care (MBCC) where she is the Program Director.
TaylorAnn | Toddlers
Ms. Taylor has been working with children since 2015, first as an in-home nanny; then, she transitioned to teaching in childcare centers. Currently, Taylor is the Lead Teacher in the toddler room at MBCC. In her free time, she is a hairdresser while pursuing a writing career as well as a CDA.

Mother Bear’s Cub Care has been providing faith based child daycare service since 2017 at our current location in Livonia, Michigan. When you’re searching for the best infant and toddler daycare in your area, there are many details to consider before you make this big decision, and we know that it isn’t an easy one to make. Our skilled staff are child development professionals who have years of hands on experience providing care to different age groups. This means you can feel entirely at ease knowing that your children are in the best hands here.


It’s important for child care to keep up with the digital age to provide the best experience for parents. We are proud to offer a convenient mobile application that allows you to oversee the care of your child daily. You will be able to keep track of meals your child is eating throughout the day, naps they are taking, and the activities in an easy to use app. You can quickly view daily progress whenever it’s convenient for you instead of having to set time aside for a phone call. This is another way we are able to accommodate your busy schedule!


MBCC’s safety system is unlike any other. Our daycare has an Advanced Building Lockout System provided by LockOut USA. What it does, is ensures that our daycare is directly connected to local law enforcement at all times so that if there is an emergency, with just one push of a button, they are alerted. This system also ensures that MBCC becomes a safe zone if there is an intruder issue keeping everyone safe during a lockdown. We know this is the last thing you want to think about, but it’s extremely important to address and we want you to know we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re providing a safe place for your children.